Hanasaki Line is the Earth Exploration Train.

With just a single car,
why is this cozy train called the
“Earth Exploration Train”?
You will know why just 10 minutes into your ride.
After passing through residential areas,
by the time you get used to the comfortable
swaying in your seat, you will
already be surrounded by vast nature.
Occasional whistles alert you.
They are a sign you may encounter
Ezo deer running
innocently in front of the train.

The Hanasaki Line weaves its way between
the land and sea, and sometimes seems as if
it is sailing through vast wilderness.
Photograph, eat, and experience each
and every encounter with the unique natural
world formed by the sea and land,
including steep cliffs and wetlands, as well as rare
animals and plants only seen here.
A trip on the Hanasaki Line is a trip of encounters
with the earth’s unseen wonders.
There’s no day like today to
enjoy the earth along the Hanasaki Line.

Watch the 4.5-minute
digest version

花咲線LIVEPhoto: Yasuyoshi Ohtaki


Watch the 2.5-hour complete version


Photo: Yasuyoshi Ohtaki

A photo essay on the Hanasaki Line by the photographer-writer Naomi Yano, who loves to travel by train. Get to know the recommended spots in the train and stations, as well as the special spots known only to train lovers.

Photo: Yasuyoshi Ohtaki


Nature along the Hanasaki Line shows a different face in every moment and to every person. Take your time to enjoy the diverse faces of the earth that photographers discovered while exploring.

Photo: Atsushi Okada


Photo: Hiroki Inoue

Finding unique local tastes is one of the best parts of exploring the earth.
You can discover new flavors every time you visit, depending on the season or station.

Photo: Hiroki Inoue


Photo: Hiroki Inoue

Here are some activities to fully enjoy the charms of the Hanasaki Line. Feel the earth as it spreads out in front of you.

Photo: Hiroki Inoue


Photo: Yasuyoshi Ohtaki

Sky, sea, animals, seasonal food... Every encounter on the Hanasaki Line happens once in a lifetime. Share the moments you discover.

Photo: Yasuyoshi Ohtaki


Blooming flowers, food coming in season, blessings from the sky... The Digest provides daily news of the Hanasaki Line, including the best seasonal things to see and eat. Check it out when you’re feeling nostalgic for the Hanasaki Line too.