Official website renewal! & Publication of the winter movie!

Hanasaki Line website renewal! !

We changed this website from a summer version to a winter version for spreading the strong attraction of beautiful severity winter season along the Hanasaki Line and created the movie of winter version that you can feel as if you trip by the Hanasaki Line.

From October 1st 2019, we start the winter promotion of the Hanasaki Line so along the Hanasaki Line and at main stations in Hokkaido , for example Nemuro station, Kushiro station, Akkeshi station and so on, you can see new posters with pictures of superb views and foods that famous photographers took along the Hanasaki Line in winter.

First of all, watch the 4.5- minute digest version attractive winter movie and if you feel unsatisfied, you must check the 2.5 hour complete version.

First of all, the winter charm of Hanasaki Line is 4 minutes
Please see the sensation movie packed tightly.

Four and a half minutes are still not enough!
Following the summer version, a two-and-a-half-hour movie for the winter version is also available.