Every moment is
100% authentic.

Photo: Hiroki Inoue

Nature along the Hanasaki Line
shows a different face in every moment and to every person.
Take your time to enjoy the diverse faces of
the earth that photographers discovered while exploring.


Hanasaki Line photographed by Atsushi Okada

How is the Hanasaki Line captured by the rising photographer Atsushi Okada, who consistently faces each subject with sincerity?

Photographer Profiles

Hiroki Inoue
Born in Sapporo in 1979. He pursues the “living scenery” around Hokkaido, such as wild animals and nature. In 2016, he was the first Japanese first-prize winner in the Nature Category of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year. His photography book “follow me Fuyu-no-Kitsune” was published in 2017.
Yasuyoshi Ohtaki
Born in Kushiro in 1964. Director of foto-f8. In addition to advertising photography, he shoots collection/exhibition catalogs for Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, etc. His life’s work is to capture “scenery with trains.” Member of Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association (Manager of Hokkaido Branch).